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Why shouldn’t you use your mobile while driving?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Oct 2010

Let’s do this! Close your ears and eyes with a black shawl. Now check whether you can walk on a straight line. Caution! While trying this you may face fatigue. Because, anatomy teaches that when we walk with our eyes and ear closed, it causes dizziness and fear. Try it!

But do you know we experience the same condition when using our mobiles while driving the car? How? Hands are not fully on the steering, attention is on the phone conversation, the mind is not focused on the traffic on the road which can catch us by surprise if there is a need for sudden reaction.

Dangerous right! But are accidents the only problem with mobile phone driving? No! There are several others hazards attached to it. Here are a few:

  • Attending a phone call forces you to split your attention between traffic and the phone conversation, which increases the stress level and frustration.
  • Research says using the mobile phone while driving is worse than drunken driving, as it gets you distracted and can make you blind to happenings around.
  • It makes the driver inconsistent in maintaining speed and also prevents him for maintaining a safe distance from the vehicles in front.
  • The reaction time also becomes slower as it takes a longer time to respond to changes in the traffic flow to decelerate or stop the vehicle in case of any sudden emergency.
  • It is also a myth that using a ‘hands-free’ such as Bluetooth headphone are safer. Even while using the ‘hands-free’ option the mind is still distracted from giving full attention to driving.

So! The next time you are driving, make sure that you stop your vehicle safely if you need to answer your mobile phone.

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