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The Do’s and Don’ts after a Road Accident

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 25 Sep 2018


The journey of life is full of uncertainties – there are flows and there are ebbs. In India, over a million road accidents occur every year. And God forbid, there are chances that you may get involved in one such case. You may be a very smart driver yourself, but a mistake by some novice driver on the other side, may also end up in an accident. Always remember, there are several important rules that you can follow in case you land up in such situation. So, if you or your loved one get involved in a road accident, here are a few do’s that you need to follow –


  • Check for injuries: Do seek medical attention before doing anything else. Mostly people panic and take any decision in haste. You need to avoid doing this as you will miss identifying some major or extremely fatal injuries. Thus, it’s advisable to check yourself and others who got hurt due to an accident.
  • Call the police immediately: Do call the police. Whether it’s a minor accident or serious one, you must call the police as soon as possible. Moreover, don’t try to change anything about the accident scene. Let the police come and handle everything on its own.
  • Inform your insurance company: You need to contact your insurance company to report a claim. You can inform your insurance company right from the spot where the accident occured.
  • It’s good to get off the road: Instead of blocking the roads and making further chaos, it’s always good to get off the road and wait for the police to come. You can easily move your car if it’s a minor accident, but if it’s a major one, then leave the car wherever it is.


A Few don’ts

  • Never try to flee: If you are not seriously injured, then never try to run away from the place where the accident has taken place. If you will decide to escape rather than staying back and offering help to the injured, then you might get trapped in a criminal offence. Rather than being called as a hit-and-run driver, it’s good to stay back and wait for the police to arrive.
  • Do not use bad language: This is yet another thing you must-not do just after a road accident. Your one statement can reduce the chances of getting your claim processed. Thus, avoid using bad language.
  • Do not lose your temper: You may behave aggressively or may lose your temper after an accident. Thus, avoid doing such things as this may get you into trouble.

So, prepare yourself ahead of time by following these above mentioned steps as this will help you to deal with the situation after a road accident.


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