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Tips for Personal Injury Accident Claims

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 22 Dec 2017

Personal Injury Accident Claims

The only certainty in life is uncertainty. While we cannot predict the future, we can, however, prepare for it. And the best way is to buy an accident policy.

It is an insurance plan where in exchange for a premium, an insurer will pay a specific sum on the occasion of your death or, partial or complete disablement due to an accident.

A wonderful policy which ensures your financial strength should an unforeseen accident take place. However, it can only ensure when the insurer approves your claim. A rejected insurance claim is not only disheartening but defeats all the premiums you’ve paid until that point. To ensure such a scenario does not happen, here are a few tips.

  1. Know the Exclusions

While accident insurance insures you against a range of events, there are a few which do not feature under the purview. Some of them are:

  • Ø Suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Ø Self-inflicted injury.
  • Ø An accident while under influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Ø Sports activities.
  • Ø Accidents related to pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Ø War, invasion, civil war, foreign hostilities.

Knowing the exclusions will help you choose the right policy and prevent the scenario of a rejected claim.

  1. Insufficient Documentation

A claim is either for disablement or death with this policy. The documents you may need are mentioned in the table below.

Death Claim Disablement Claim
Duly filed claim form FIR/MLC copy
Original Death Certificate Disability Certificate issued by attending physician.
Post Mortem Report Accident report
Inquest report. FIR/MLC copy.
Accident report. Hospital Records.
English Translation of vernacular documents. Latest IT return to show Proof of annual income
Any other document as may be required by the Company.

If you are not able to submit any of the required documents, it can lead to claim rejection.

  1. Claim form errors

If the insurer detects errors and is not able to authenticate the details mentioned on the claim form, it is rejected. Incorrect details may be a human error but will cost you. Therefore, recheck whatever you mention on the form.

  1. Deactivated Policy

When you do not renew your policy on time, you lose out all its benefits. If you by any chance suffer from an accident, your claim will see rejection. Therefore, always renew your accident policy on time.

These tips should ensure the chances of rejection are next to zero whenever you file a claim.

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