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10 tips to maintain your car for winter

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 06 Dec 2011

Do you hear your car going …Ooh…Aah…Ouch, while starting every morning? Maybe it is finding the  stiff winter condition a little rough. Though winter can be a happy holiday season for us, it’s really a season of tough battle for your car.

Apart from starting troubles, poor visibility and skidding, are the other problems your car faces during the winter season. Here are 10 simple tips which can help you avoid these winter car problems.

  1. Nowadays cars come with antifreeze solutions to maintain normal temperature during cold weather. Ensuring a 50:50 mix of antifreeze solution and water would best serve your engine.
  2. Make sure that your radiator is fit and ready, for the antifreeze enters into the radiator to stabilize temperature.
  3. Replace your old oil with clean, high quality and thinner oils recommended by the  car manufacturer. This goes a long way while starting in cold situations.
  4. Your car battery has to throw out an extra load of effort to start during winter. So have your car battery checked before winter creeps in.
  5. Visibility is the gateway to safety. Have your wiper blades good enough to clear your windshield in any tough weather scenario.
  6. Also visually inspect your headlights, taillights, marker bulbs and ensure that you can clearly see through your windshield while driving.
  7. Check your tyres before winter. Old and overused tyres can easily get cracked during winter. Also never over inflate your tyre during winter.
  8. Keep your brake system in top condition. With this season being infamous for car skids and poor visibility, doing this should be on top of your list.
  9. Give a basic tune up. Check your car hoses, spark plugs and wires and change them if necessary.
  10. Continuous rain and snow falls (which occur in many parts of the country) can prove strong for your car paint. So have a tough coating of wax and protect your car paint from road grime.

With winter just waiting at the doorsteps, use these above tips to give your car the best protection for winter. In addition to the above you can also consider the additional protection for your car through Royal Sundaram Motor Insurance.

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  1. Vivek Kumar Sharma says:

    Very nice and it will be very usefull for us

  2. ketan says:

    Useful guidelines for cars in winter.

  3. S.Udaiyakumar says:

    Very nice and it will be very usefull.

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