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5 Future Car Technologies That Can Make A Difference

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 12 Feb 2014

Gear up for the future! Car manufacturers and developers around the globe have been working on some of the coolest technologies that we may witness in the near future. These technologies will not only provide a comfortable travel experience, but will also bring about a great difference in the transport and traffic system of this era!

flying1.      Talking Cars

Just imagine if cars could communicate with each other! It is as cool as it sounds. Vehicle to vehicle communication is one technology that car developers are looking at as a tech-boon for the traffic system. This system will help maintain smoother traffic flows and ensure less congestion on the roads. Moreover, it will help avoid collisions. This technology is being tested by car manufacturer Ford.

2.      Body Panel Batteries

Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest publicly traded Oil and Gas MNC, expects half of the new cars to be hybrids by 2040. Hybrid cars require very heavy batteries and that in turn lowers the efficiency of the vehicle in many ways. Developers are researching on batteries that can be implanted on the body panels of the car; this is one coolest future car tech yet to be seen.

3.      Parallel Parking Help

Finding a parking spot can be quite a nightmare. There are cars that already have auto-parking systems that have sensors to indicate to the driver when they are too close to another car or any other obstacle. In the not so distant future, you would see cars with parallel parking systems that require no inputs from the driver. You would be able to operate the system from your cell phone from outside the car. Hence, you can park in a smaller space because you wouldn’t need space to open the door and get out of the car once it’s parked.

4.      Auto-Drive Mode:

Wait for some years and you won’t have to learn to drive at all. Google engineers are developing cars that may be able to drive themselves on public highways and messed up roads.

The remote sensing technology would be able to sense the traffic and the signals even from a great distance. Now that sounds like a future car tech, doesn’t it?

5.      Self-Help Paints

In the future, you might not have to worry about minor scratches on your car at all. With the self healing paint technology that has been on the minds of developers for some time, your car could be completely scratch proof.

Buckle up and steer right, for the future gizmos would be on the shores in time. Keep your eyes open and get ready to experience the technologies that can make a difference.

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