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Adding years to your car battery

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 15 Mar 2010

Believe us, you car battery is quite undemanding. All it asks for is periodical check and maintenance, to enhance its life span and ensure consistent performance. Here are some tips to keep it in top shape:

Firstly, check that the battery is securely in place. Loose connections lead to power drainage and may make it difficult to start your car.

Examine the battery for cracks. If there are any, you should replace the battery.

Remember to check the water levels in the battery every now and then. Fill it up with distilled water if needed.

  • Inspect the terminals for corrosion or dirt build up and also check that the cables connecting the terminals of the battery are not broken. If there is extensive damage, then it should be replaced.
  • To clean the deposits accumulated, use a solution of baking soda and water, spread it liberally using an old brush and wash away the dirt. Use a an old rag to dry it. Always remember to wear rubber gloves and eye protection during this process.
  • Make it mandatory to perform monthly battery maintenance to preserve the longevity of the battery.
  • Whenever you start to work on a battery, it is important that you disconnect it. By removing the negative cable first.

How to find out if your battery is low on charge

  • A distinctive clicking sound on starting the car, is a clear indication that the battery needs a re-charge.
  • A hint that the battery could be going bad is that it will stay charged throughout the day while turning it on and off but when using extra power, such as headlights, the car seems to drag when starting.
  • If you notice that the headlights are a bit dim and they regain the sheen when you throttle up the engine, your battery needs help.
  • If you periodically forget to turn off your car’s lights and accessories, you battery would lose charge.
  • If you battery begins to trouble you in its fourth year or fifth, it could be a good indication of being just the right time to replace it with a new one.

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  1. T.S. Chandra says:

    Those were indeed very useful tips.

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