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Benefits of ESC – Electronic Stability Control

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 06 Sep 2016

Benefits-of-ESC-Electronic-Stability-ControlYou may have often heard of car accidents which occur due to lack of control after applying brakes all of a sudden. Skidding and going off the track are common when the driver applies brakes at high speeds.

Controlling a skidding vehicle is difficult, and the driver needs to have precise control over the steering wheel. However, the panic caused due to application of sudden brakes may cause the driver to lose control.

To avoid accidents due to such incidents, technologists have been working on vehicle stabilization technology. The result of their efforts is the launch of ESC – Electronic Stability Control:

What is ESC?

  • ESC stands for Electronic Stability Program
  • It is a computerised technology that facilitates the steadiness of a vehicle by identifying any imbalance
  • It reduces the loss of adhesive friction or skidding

Here is a story to help you understand this well:

Rahul was driving to work on a rainy morning. Given the weather that day, the roads were quite slippery. Rahul was at one of the traffic signals when he applied the brakes all of a sudden. Owing to ESC, the car did not skid, and an unfortunate incident was avoided.

What is the need of ESC?

Previously, everything was manual. It was beyond human control to avoid accidents. With the presence of ESC system it has become possible to prevent mishaps from occurring.

  • -ESC can control one-third of the fatal accidents from taking place
  • -The sensors present in the system are programmed to respond post any detection of loss of control
  • -In a few ESC systems, the engine power can also be reduced
  • -The system is so efficient that drivers do not need to search for steering corrections
  • -This works very well for Indian roads where accidents are so frequent
  • -The feature is available in many cars such as New Ford Figo, Hyundai Creta, and many others.

How does it affect the premium?

As ESC is developed to stabilize the vehicle whenever it skids, it prevents or lowers the chances of occurrence of accidents. Thus, such vehicles have low risk to damage.

  • Vehicles with better safety features have lower premium.
  • Depending on the type and installation of the ESC system, insurers reduce the premium amount.

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