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Car care for summer

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 27 Apr 2011

Summer is here. It’s time to take out the sunscreen lotion to protect skin from harsh sun rays, gorge on fruit juices to stay hydrated and switch on the AC to keep cool. And, while you take care of ‘you and your loved ones’, don’t forget that your car needs a little prep work too, to keep it running smoothly.

Here is a guide about car care for the summer days!


Exterior –

  • Just as sun rays are harsh on your skin, your car’s paint job can get damaged too! Before summer hits in full force, take
    time to wash your car and apply a good car wax. If water isn’t a problem in your city, wash your car once in a week.
  • Park your car in shade or under a tree. Avoid direct sunlight. If it’s difficult to grab a good spot, buy a quality car cover.

Interiors –

  • The temperature can shoot up inside your car during daytime. This is mainly because of the heat-trapping property of glass (much like glasshouse effect). Consider to tint your windows, which can keep majority of sunlight away. The legal limit in India is 50% visibility.
  • Always roll down the window a little when parking your car. It will let out the hot air and avoid turning your car into an oven!
  • The interiors of your car can become quite dusty during summer, especially if you don’t have an AC and drive with windows rolled down. So do clean both – interiors and exteriors of your car regularly!

Tyres –

  • In summer, the tyres may heat up more quickly and thus it’s prone to punctures. Inflate tyres to the recommended level. Don’t over-inflate.
  • If you are going on a long trip, do keep the spare tyre in good condition.


  • Like winters, hot summer can be harsh on batteries as well and can shorten its life. Test it with an expert and ask them to add more distilled water, if required. It’s best to replace old batteries.

Servicing –

  • Servicing before sun unleashes its full power is a good idea. In fact, servicing regularly can improve car’s fuel economy by 4 to 12%.
  • High temperature can be detrimental for smooth engine function, which is heated by the combustion as well. Ask your mechanic to check engine oil and replace it, if needed. Additional lubrication is always helpful!

Coolant –

  • It’s a no-brainer that coolant is essential for optimum engine performance. Less coolant may stall your engine! Ask your mechanic to check coolant levels. The coolant-water mixture should be present in 1:1 ratio.
  • If you have a really old model of car, do keep a good quantity of water with you.

AC –

  • Of course, our biggest tool to beat the heat is Air Conditioner. So, ask your mechanic to check the level of AC gas/refrigerant.
  • Get the compressor and blower checked and cleaned before you use it.


These small steps can keep your car cool as the mercury soars. Have a safe and smooth drive all summer!

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