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Is it good to fill your car tyres with Nitrogen?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 Sep 2010

A lot of people are filling their tyres with Nitrogen instead of Compressed air, the traditional medium for inflating car tyres, which contains both oxygen (21%) and nitrogen (78%). Is it good? Read on…

We all know that maintaining proper tyre pressure is important. What we don’t know is that the same air reduces the life of the tyre as the oxygen in it decays rubber and corrodes the tyre beading.


Better solution is to use compressed ‘Nitrogen’ instead of air. For years Nitrogen has been used for filling aircraft tyres, racing tyres and heavy mining and construction vehicle tyres.

Here are some advantages of using nitrogen for your car tyres:

  • Improved fuel efficiency of 5%! As nitrogen molecules are lighter than air, it exercises a minimum load on the tyre. Thus sustaining a minimum pressure and also minimum leakage which reduces fuel consumption.
  • Rust free tyres! Pure Nitrogen completely devoid of water molecules, protects tyre bead from rust, thus ensuring corrosion free tyres.
  • More Eco-friendly! Using nitrogen prevents heating of inner lining of tyres, which liberates toxic gases in conventional tyres.
  • Increased tyre life! Nitrogen filled tyre controls oxidation of other metals in tyres, there by increasing tyre life by 25%. Less prone to accidents! Most car accidents in a conventional air filled tyre are caused by its pressure drop due to seasonal or altitude change. But a nitrogen filled tyre, helps maintain uniform pressure, thus reducing chances of blow out and any road mishaps.
  • The cost of nitrogen comes between Rs.100 to 200 but it’s worth the money as they ensure a hassle free and a smoother ride.

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4 responses to “Is it good to fill your car tyres with Nitrogen?”

  1. Ikonion says:

    I truely experienced this fact! Strictly use Nitrogen in ur tyres! It keeps tyres cool even on longer drives, almost no tyre pressure drop in any season, jus need to maintain within 3 months time, no need to keep watch on tyre pressure than 3 months time. Even if ur car is still at a place for longer it maintains pressure. My car travelled 50000km and still tyres are good. Puncture only 3 times that to at home (Due to slow & gradual leak). Jus Go For It…

  2. Naresh Kumar says:

    Good article. But let us know the frequency of filling the nitrogen

  3. roclafamilia says:

    Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

  4. admin says:


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