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Change the colour of your car; it could change your life!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 20 Dec 2010

The colour of your car can say a lot about you. It reflects your personality and communicates your attitude towards life.

We all agree that ‘change’ is inevitable. Change could be good or bad. It surprises us, makes us sad sometimes, but it also makes us happy when it is according to our liking.

We all know that colours have a certain affect on our lives. So, if you are looking to change the colour of your car, choose from the list below and make your statement!

Experts say:

Black – Black is a colour of power and authority. Those who love a black coloured car like elegance and classiness. These people are not manipulated easily. They are authoritative, mysterious and strong in character.

Red – Red is a colour of passion and energy. Like the colour, people who love red are lively, energetic and dynamic. Those who drive a red car, are seen as ambitious, confident and as risk-takers.

Maroon – Maroon is a colour that exudes warmth and tenderness. People with maroon cars are warm, sensual and spiritual. They are cherished individuals who love beauty and purity. They generally love to help others.

Silver – The colour silver, gives an impression of being futuristic. People who own a silver car are elegant and cool-headed. They are calm individuals, who love to communicate. They also love luxury!

White – White, since time immemorial has been a symbol of peace and calm. However, people who own an immaculately clean white car are extroverts and they pay a lot of attention to detail.

Grey – Grey is a dull colour, but people with grey cars have a very positive outlook about life. They are practical, intelligent, calm and down-to-earth. It’s a colour that represents self-reliance.

Navy blue – Navy blue is a royal and elegant colour. People who own a navy blue car are calm and confident. They value relationships and are loyal. You can count on them any day!

Blue – Blue is a colour that represents creativity. Drivers who love blue cars are peaceful people who prefer a calm and serene atmosphere. They are faithful and appreciate affection.

Green – There aren’t many green coloured cars in India. People who own a green car are positive and upbeat about life. They are caring and friendly and are generally very observant.

Yellow – Yellow is a colour of happiness and it’s really rare on roads! When you see a yellow car, you can be sure that the owner is a happy-go-lucky person full of spontaneity & energy.

Orange – Like yellow, orange is a rare colour for car. People with orange cars are trendy and fun loving. They love being the centre of attention and have oodles of confidence.

Brown – Brown is the colour of earth. People who drive brown cars are reliable, like a rock. They are responsible, mature, and treasure friendship. They like the simple things in life.

In case you are going ahead with the change of colour, do not forget to notify the change of colour to your RTO office for making the necessary changes in the RC book. Also keep your car with your favourite colour under the safety blanket of car insurance.

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