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Check your car for dehydration this summer

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 27 Mar 2012

Not just you, heat dehydrates your car too. In summer, your car’s fuel tends to vaporize at a faster pace. It leads to ‘vapour lock’. This vapor locks fuel in its passage lines and blocks its travel to the engine area. As a result, your car will not budge when you try starting it. This is why the fuel blends vary between summer and winter. And, there is much more you should be careful about.

  • Lubricate your car’s engine. Oil your car as the engine is more likely to get overheated in summer. Check all of the fluid levels including coolant, transmission, differential, power steering and brake fluid so as to make sure there weren’t any leaks.
  • The hoses connected to the radiator help pump coolant to and from the engine block. If a hose breaks or a fan belt snaps, your car may overheat.
  • Choose the right level of octane for your vehicle’s fuel. Lower octane levels, easier the ignition. Use the manufacturer’s recommended octane levels as in the handbook to avoid knocking noises from under the car’s hood.
  • You car’s fuel has a 30-day shelf life before it changes chemically causing engine start-up problems. If you are planning on a long vacation this summer, don’t fill-up your fuel tank or use a fuel additive to preserve petrol.
  • A leaky gas tank leaves a strong fuel odor around the back wheels. This requires immediate attention due to its potential health hazard and the environmental impact.
  • Frequent fuel filter replacement is good for your injectors and engine. The recommended replacement varies between 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers.
  • Tire pressure changes with the rising temperatures. Check your tire pressure at regular intervals.

Drill your car, inch by inch for a thorough check on every detail. Keep your car hydrated with all the required fluids to avoid break downs.

Not just in summer, your car and your finances need protection at all times. Insure your car with Royal Sundaram’s Car Insurance Online and enjoy all round protection.

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