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If a car were a body, the engine would be its heart. And as it goes, any damage to the heart causes severe damage to the body, and to the wallet. If the engine of the car gets impaired, the car more or less just becomes a pile of junk. And the cost of repair is definitely a blow to the bank, one that is usually not covered by car insurance plans. This is where the Engine Protector Coverage comes into play. Read on to know more about it.

What is Engine Protector Coverage?

Engine Protector Coverage is an essential add-on cover that you can purchase with your standard car insurance policy. A normal car insurance does not cover damages to the engine, gearbox, cylinder pistons and other such parts. An Engine Protector Cover, however, provides financial safety against any damage that may incur to the engine.

This cover is a must for people living in flood-prone areas. Water logging can be extremely damaging to the car engine – a serious concern during rainy season. With this cover, you can be rest assured that any repairs will be looked after, without you having to trade an arm for it.

What is included in the coverage?

The Engine Protector Cover will protect you against the following eventualities:

  • * Damages to the gearbox
  • * Lubricating oil leakage
  • * Hydrostatic lock – engine failure caused when a wet engine is started multiple times
  • * Water ingression

What is excluded from the coverage?

There are certain exclusions in this add-on cover:

  • * Cranking the engine while the car is submerged in water to trigger ignition can cause engine failure. It is strictly advised to avoid doing this as it’s considered a deliberate damage to the engine and is an exclusion from the coverage.
  • * This cover is usually only offered by insurers for cars less than 5 years old.

Add-on covers definitely increase the overall premium cost you pay against a policy. However, they also strengthen your protection and act as a safety net during emergencies. Engine Protector Coverage is one such safety net that will help keep your car running as smooth as ever.

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