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Few Terms to Know Before Buying Car Insurance

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Oct 2016


For most of you, buying a car is the second-costliest purchase done in life, after purchasing a home. Owning a car does give a sense of pride to many. As a result, most of us take utmost care of the prized possession by doing regular cleaning, servicing, and maintenance. A car insurance policy is requirement and a necessity to protect oneself from any uncertainty event or incident. Here are some common terms which you need to be informed of.

  • IDV
  • IDV stands for Insured Declared Value.
  • IDV is the maximum amount of sum to be paid by the insurer in case a claim is filed due to accident, total loss, theft, or damage.
  • The amount of IDV varies with respect to car models, variants, date of manufacture, and locality.
  • IDV helps in valuation of your car; any policy that offers lower IDV is cheaper, but carries reduced cover.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
    • Whenever you file a claim for your car insurance policy, insurers are known to provide reduced cover due to depreciation.
    • Through Zero Depreciation Cover, such deduction is waived off, thereby enabling you to avail higher claim amount.
  • NCB
    • NCB stands for No-Claim Bonus
    • It is the discount given by the insurer to the policy holder at the time of renewal.
    • This discount is available when the policyholder doesn’t file a claim in the given policy year.
    • NCB starts from 20% for the 2nd year and extends up to 50% for the 6th
  • Third Party Cover
    • Third Party cover is also known as liability cover.
    • It will protect the vehicle owner against any financial liability arising due to damage caused to any other person or property.
    • Third Party Cover is a mandate by Law.
  • Personal Accident Cover
    • This cover offers financial safeguard against any kind of bodily injury or permanent disability caused during accidents.
    • It is an optional cover, and not insurers offer it by default.
  • Collision Cover
  • Optional cover that is available to pay off for damages caused due to collision.
  • Comprehensive cover
    • This includes collision as well as third-party cover.
    • It also includes the cover extended by add-ons.

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