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Set Yourself Free from fears before you give your driving test

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 Aug 2012

Get Freedom from the Common Fears before your driving testTaking the driving test can get really irksome for most of us. Sometimes it isn’t you but the public that is the problem. Following simple steps can make you confident and avoid facing common fears while taking the driving test. Let’s take a look at the following important points which every learner should keep in mind:

Right Use of Mirrors
Make sure you check your mirrors every time you change directions. One must be very careful and not speed off from a standstill. Like it is important to keep an eye on everything going in front of the car, it is equally important to be aware of what happens behind and besides your car too.

Observations at Signals
One must always be aware of what is going on at a traffic signal, while approaching it. Check for the traffic slowing down, adjust the speed accordingly and always leave enough space. If you can’t see the tarmac between your car and the car in front of you, then understand you’re too close.

Use of Signals
The mirror- signal- manoeuvre sequence should be by-hearted by the time you take your test. It not only reminds you of all important mirrors, but will also make sure that you show your direction to others on the road.  Even if you’re the only person on the road make a habit to use indicators.

Alternating Speed
Speeding too much or keeping too slow is not the right way of driving. You must always keep up with the flow of traffic. Keeping up with the moving traffic will also help build up your judgment.

Control on the Steering Wheel
Always keep your hands in the correct position on the steering wheel. Do not ever cross them over as that might lead to the wheel sliding off your hands. Do not take your hands off the wheel except when you’re changing gear.

Safe Moves
Check all the mirrors before pulling away and look out for the blind spot. If you move off without doing so, you aren’t aware of everything around you, and you might end up bumping with another vehicle or your surroundings.
Most importantly, be confident, and practice more, this will give you better judgment of when to pull out and when not.

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