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Posted by Royal Sundaram on 19 Nov 2010

Imagine this. Your neighbourhood’s Sachin Tendulkar is busy swinging every ball for a four or a six on a casual Sunday evening with his buddies. CRASH! The ball doesn’t hit the boundary, but the windshield of your car, breaking it into pieces. Your car’s insurer will cover it fully…right? Wrong!

Most people ignore the Terms and Conditions of their Car insurance. Every insurer covers only 50% of the cost of plastic parts of your car (dashboard, bumper, steering wheel). Windshield glasses are generally not covered.

So what makes Royal Sundaram’s Car Insurance Online a better option? It is the unique and exclusive add-on features which you can combine with your Policy to get a complete 100% cover for your car. For example, did you know, for a premium of as little as Rs. 50/- the front and rear windshield of your car will be replaced, if it’s broken. Or Royal Sundaram’s Car Insurance covers loss of baggage from your car, if it’s stolen, if you pay an additional premium of Rs. 100/-.

In this blog post, we will help you understand the benefits of a couple of add-on covers of our Car Insurance Online:

Depreciation Waiver Clause

For instance, if you had to spend Rs. 5,000/- to get the damaged plastic parts of your car fixed, your insurer would reimburse only Rs. 2,500/- owing to 50% deduction for depreciation of plastic parts.  Similar deduction would apply for metal parts and the percentage of cost reimbursed would be based on the depreciating value of your car.

Having the ‘Depreciation Waiver Clause’ coverage on your Royal Sundaram’s car insurance policy would have paid you 100% of the amount spent on restoring your plastic and metal parts.

Salient Features of this coverage include:

  • Full repair and replacement of plastic, metal and other parts without any deduction for depreciation, subject to a maximum, as per the Policy package.
  • Repair or replacement of parts of car owing to damage only due to unforeseen events, as per the Terms and Conditions of the policy.
  • The cover is not available for cars older than 5 years, imported cars and obsolete models which are no longer being produced by car manufacturers.
  • The clause does not include replacement due to theft or mechanical breakdown.
  • This cover can be added/deleted to/from your policy only at the beginning of the policy term, meaning, mid-term endorsement is not allowed for this coverage.

Windshield Glass Clause

Under the Windshield Glass Clause, you can replace the front and rear windscreen glass, owing to damage due to an unforeseen event, without affecting your ‘No Claim Bonus’.

Salient Features of this clause include:

  • Repair or replacement of windscreen glass without affecting your ‘No Claim Bonus’ for your next car insurance renewal.
  • The clause is applicable if only the windscreens are damaged and there are no other damages to your vehicle.
  • The clause does not include manufacturing defects.
  • The vehicle should be repaired in a garage/workstation of insurer’s choice, close to your residence, as mentioned in the policy.
  • This cover can be added to your policy only at the start of the policy term, meaning, mid-term endorsement is not allowed for this coverage.
  • Except for the first claim for windshield repair/replacement, all further such claims would affect your ‘No Claim Bonus’.

So before you apply for Insurance for your car, explore the perks you can get for a little extra! Royal Sundaram Online Car Insurance  offers few other add-on features that we would discuss in our coming issues.

Chat with our customer support or visit our Car Insurance page to learn more about these add-on covers.

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