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Greener Cars – Are They the Future of Automobiles?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 30 Oct 2013

Lately, there are been a colossal shift in the development of green technology for automobiles, as countries in the east begin to realize the necessity of discovering alternatives to fuels like petroleum. Countries like China have signalled a coming of new-age cars that will run on ecologically-safer fuels. Lessening pollutants in the surroundings, these cars will run on sustainable fuels. We can do something similar in India as well.

Eco Cars

Why Greener Cars are the Future of Automobiles

Green cars are eco-friendly automobiles that utilize the best of alternative fuels and are one of the most useful scientific inventions. The technologies that these cars use include:

  1. Electric cars use electric motors in place of internal combustion engines that conventional cars use. These cars do not produce noxious exhaust fumes. They can travel hundreds of kilometres after they are charged once. Interestingly, most of these cars get charged whenever the brakes are applied, a feature known as regenerative charging. They also do not make noise like most other vehicles do.
  2. Hybrid cars use the internal combustion engines to charge the battery and prove efficient when no charging sources are available. This engine in hybrid cars is much smaller and hence is portable. Much like their electric counterparts, they are quiet cars. Efforts are being made by the hybrid car industry to bring down the costs.
  3. Solar cars, as the name suggests, use the sun’s ubiquitous and boundless energy to run. The advantages are that no exhaust fumes are given out and neither are greenhouse gases. Solar cars have been held to be a major invention that could change the quality of human life by improving health on one hand, and by eliminating any fuel costs. These also usher in a generation of compact cars which help in the management of space on roads around the world.
  4. Hydrogen cars are hot favourites with green car enthusiasts, since, using oxygen from the environment and hydrogen as a power source, these only produce water vapour. Additionally, hydrogen is also being said to be producible from renewable energy resources. Used to power these cars in two ways, hydrogen can either be burned in the engine itself or converted into electricity to operate just like electric cars do.

Technology must partner with infrastructure to produce more of these cars in India to lift the heavy load off oil-reserves and subsequently, the ecological balance. Providing tax exemptions to people driving environment-friendly vehicles is an effective idea. In the face of dwindling economies and deteriorating levels of air and water, green cars can prove to be a massive boon.

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