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How can you keep your Car Happy and Smiling

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 02 Oct 2013

Car Maintenance TipsA man is known by the car he keeps! Of course we love our cars. They are much more than a solution to get you from point A to point B. They let you rule the road and zip off to great journeys that you cherish and even remember your entire lifetime.

It does not take much to get your car serviced and refurbished from time to time. It isn’t too big a cost to pay for keeping your vehicle happy and smiling.

Ways to Do Your Car a Big Favour

The engine is the heart of the car. Always keeping it running with the same drive and zing. It isn’t a complicated process, caring for the engine. Ensure from time to time that the engine oil is clean, and the level has not gone down drastically. Check whether other important fluid levels indicate that it’s time for refilling; the coolant, transmission fluid levels, and the brake and power steering fluid levels need to be at the necessary level. Also, check for any leakage that might result in other kinds of trouble.

Once every fortnight, check the tyre pressure. The ideal amount of pressure in a tyre should be around 30 PSI when cold. Make sure that they are not worn out, leaving the rim exposed.

Take care of the external body parts, like the bumper and the doors, and keep them clear of any damage that causes deterioration due to rust. They also should be cared for, to ensure that you can reduce the damage in the event of an accident.

Get any electrical or other connections replaced immediately if they are loose or damaged. Replace your car’s batteries once every five years. Other parts of the car that may need attention and replacement are wipers, headlights, air filters, spark plugs, and other important cables.

To have your car happy and smiling at all times, take care to refurbish its outer body. On a monthly basis, examine the wind screen and check for any spots or breakage. Check for any rust, mud, or other forms of dirt on the doors and oil and clean them frequently. Lights too, need proper attention. Replace any non-functional lights immediately, to drive safely and prevent bigger troubles.

Do not forget to give your car for regular servicing and enjoy years of travel for work or for a holiday!

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