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How to Avoid Fogging On Your Car Windows

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Jul 2013

Fogging on your car windows is not only irritating but also dangerous as it blocks the vision of the driver and can lead to accidents, especially during night drives. Generally a glass develops fog when water on its surface condenses. You can tackle this with a few simple things-




1) If you experience heavy rains on the highway, follow a conservatively driven bus / truck with working stoplights. However, don’t follow it too closely else the spray from its huge tyres will impair your vision.

2) Avoid driving on lane cuts or lane divide lines; your car will tramline much easier in the rains. Also, try to stay off the paint on the road (zebra crossings, lane markers etc.) as the painted surface is low on traction.

3) Switch on your low beam headlights in the rains, whether night or day. Not only can it potentially improve your vision, headlamps will also let others see you better. Avoid using high beam in the rains as it can reflect light as well as blind oncoming traffic.

4) If your car does stall, do not attempt to restart. This may lead to engine hydro lock. You first need to check if any water has entered the air intake or exhaust pipe.

5) Let the car warm it up by placing the air-flow to the windshield. While AC cools the interior of your vehicle the windows adjust the heat outside. This prevents the windshield from combining hot air and cool air.

6) Leave a little crack or open the side windows a bit to let out the hot and compressed air inside the car. This way temperature inside the car remains in control.

7) Increase the internal temperature to a warmer shade. This will stop the windows from fogging. Warmer interiors help in counterbalancing the temperature outside the car.

8) You can also buy vent visors for your car which let you crack the windows open and prevents rain from dripping inside the car. You can use control panel to adjust the temperature before closing the side windows.

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