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How to ensure your car doesn’t add to Diwali air-pollution!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Nov 2015

The beginning of winter and the culmination of monsoons brings forth a season full of festivities into   India each year. Millions come together to celebrate a number of festivals such as Navratri, Eid, Thanksgiving, Christmas or even Diwali. So for those among us who are eagerly anticipating the Diwali revelries, there is indeed much to look forward to, such as special sweets and delicacies, get-togethers, long nights of playing cards and not to mention bursting of noisy crackers.

But on the other hand one has to contend with a lot of noise and air pollution. It has been reported that air pollution goes up significantly during Diwali as traffic goes up with a lot of people moving around during the festival season. This is often dismissed as a simple side effect of the festival, here are some steps that one can undertake to play their part in reducing their side of the pollution footprint,  at least when it comes to one’s four-wheeler.


Listen to your mechanic

Be it a carburettor check or even a simple thing like keeping your car tyres well-aligned, any little thing out of place can make your car inefficient. This essentially means that for every bit of fuel, your car gives fewer kilometres per litre.

Extra weight can increase your fuel consumption and reduce your cars workload, if you keep your car clutter free you will reduce your Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Check your tyre pressure regularly and keep them inflated to the level advised by your car manufacturer, under inflated tyres can increase your Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Have your car serviced on a regular basis as a serviced engine is more efficient, using less fuel and producing less Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Drive your car properly and watch the road ahead, slowing down gradually creates less Carbon Dioxide. Driving at lower speeds can help reduce your emissions, driving at 50 km/hr  you could be using up to 15% less fuel than you would driving at 70 Km/hr. Using your gears properly and avoiding revving the engine unnecessarily will reduce your Carbon Dioxide emissions.

If you are going to be idling the car for more than 3 minutes switch it off, save fuel and reduce your emissions.

So keep your car check-ups regular and listen to the mechanic!

Conserve fuel through the A/C

With a lot of smoke around, the first instinct is to roll up the car windows and switch on the air-conditioning. While this may temporarily shield you from the air outside, A/C systems guzzle fuel alarmingly fast and this will make your vehicle burn up a lot of surplus fuel that would otherwise be conserved. The result? More smoke added to the already polluted air in the sky. Thus, try to resist using the A/C during more pleasant times of the day and avoid it altogether when moving at speed.

Use unleaded fuel

Although the practice of supplying lead-infused fuel has been abolished by most petroleum retailers at fuel stations, the section of car owners who bank on getting fuel from unofficial sources must be more careful about this. Fuel with lead in it is not only heavier and consequently lesser fuel per cubic litre, but also means more toxic compounds for the air when it is ignited and expelled through the car’s exhaust. Thus, remember that regulated fuel is better for the air your children breathe than saving a few bucks for an altogether more hazardous option.

Your vehicle’s health and shape is always important, especially in a busy time like Diwali. Remember to keep up to date with aspects like insurance deadlines and renewals. Check with providers like Royal Sundaram General Insurance before you pick the best plan to protect your ride. Celebrate the New Year with style and security!

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