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How to keep your car safe this Diwali

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 18 Oct 2011

Diwali is not just a season for great happiness, it is also a season when friends and relatives come together to enjoy. In today’s world when each family member works in a different part of the country, we often travel long distances to spend a few days or a week together to celebrate Diwali with our loved ones.

Before you travel, this Diwali, here are a few safety tips to keep your car and yourself secure.


  1. Park your car in a closed garage or shelter to avoid damage to your car from firecrackers or sparks from firecrackers.
  2. If you do not have a garage, try parking your car at a friend’s place if they have space or park your car in commercial parking lots where you can pay in advance and safely park your car for a few days.
  3. If you are forced to park your car in an open driveway or on the street, choose a place where people are most unlikely to burst firecrackers.
  4. Avoid using car covers if you are forced to leave your car out in the open. Most car covers are not fireproof and can become a fire hazard themselves.
  5. When you are travelling, stay alert for people lighting firecrackers on the road.
  6. Stop your car at a distance if you see anyone lighting a firecracker on the road. Wait till it is burst.
  7. Keep your windows closed. This will help avoid any fire cracker or sparks from entering the car by accident.
  8. Closing your windows will also help to reduce being exposed to excessive noise pollution due to firecrackers being burst.
  9. Carrying a portable fire extinguisher in the car could be helpful not just to put out any fire in the car but also if there is any fire accident nearby.

Do keep these safety tips in mind to ensure a safe and fun filled Diwali and protect your family and your car.

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One response to “How to keep your car safe this Diwali”

  1. anil says:

    very good tips, can also include results of not following such safety precautions

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