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Look To The Future With Water Powered Cars

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 10 Mar 2014

What if there was an answer to the ever rising fuel prices? What if the pleasure of driving was not marred by depletion of fossil fuels, which are nonrenewable? The solution may not be too far into the future! Yes, water powered cars could be the answer.

The concept of water fuelled cars is relatively new, but a lot of research is being done in this area. In 1970, a well-known chemist John Bockris gave the term ‘hydrogen economy’ to refer to a future in which all vehicles would use hydrogen as a fuel. These water-fuelled vehicles are based on the use of hydrogen present in the molecular compound of water.

MotorWorking Mechanism of Water Fuelled Cars

Based on a concept propagated by Dr. Yul Brown, the compound of the water molecule, which has two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen, is split into its elements via electrolysis or any other method. The resulting compound – which is HHO (also known as Brown’s gas) – is burnt to produce energy for running the car.

Advantages of Water Powered Cars

Some basic benefits of water fuelled cars are listed below:

1. Lessens Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The gasoline and petroleum powered vehicles emit huge amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs), which include mostly carbon dioxide (CO2) and contribute to global warming. Fuel cell powered by pure hydrogen emits only water and heat instead of any kind of greenhouse gases. Such cars would cause a remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions.

2. Reduced Oil Dependence: Water powered vehicles could reduce the dependence on foreign oil, since hydrogen can be derived from renewable resources such as water, making our economies less dependent on other countries and less susceptible to oil price shocks from an increasingly unstable oil market.

3. Improved Vehicle Mileage: It is said that cars running on water have better mileage by up to 35% which includes both city and highway driving conditions.

4. Smoother Operating Vehicles: The effect of water on the combustion cycle inside the engine causes the operation of the vehicle and the gear shifts to be calmer and quieter.

5. Cost Cutting: Water is cheaper than any of the fossil fuels and hence would help in cost cutting to a large extent.

6. Easily to refuel: Such vehicles can be refueled from various natural resources of water like lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. which are quite easily available.

In 2008, a Japanese company by the name of Genepax unveiled its water-fuelled automobile in Osaka. A few years later, the company shut down due to the lack of funds. It’s time that governments begin investing in the R&D for such technologies that are more harmonious with the planet. Till then, we can wait for water powered cars to hit the market with their cost efficient and eco-friendly technologies.

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