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Love your car? Care for it!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 27 Jan 2011

Did you know? You can keep your car’s performance as good as brand new for years! All it requires is a little car care and few periodic checks.

Here are a few tips to keep your car in top gear.

Exteriors :

Wash your car regularly – Dust, bird droppings, pollutants can completely rob the charm off your car’s exterior. You should wash your car regularly – at least once a month to keep it shining. In fact, washing keeps the corrosion of metal parts in check (and not the other way round). This is because; the moisture from a clean car dries away in the sun. But dust and dirt locks the moisture in, causing corrosion.

Wipe the wipers frequently – Wipers accumulate a lot of dust. If you don’t clear the dust, the wipers would smear it on the windshield glass, causing scratches.

Wax your car after washing – Car wax adds shine to the car and also protects it from fading. So buy that car wax, (preferably a paste and not liquid) and use it once in 3-4 months, after washing your car.

Internal parts of car :

Change engine oil when required – Engine oil is pivotal for your car’s smooth functioning. Changing oil frequently removes all the harmful dirt accumulating inside, which may choke your engine. It’s a good idea to ask your mechanic to change it once every 4000 – 5000 km.

Check brakes – Brakes are your ultimate safety device. You have to periodically examine both – the brake pads or shoes, which wear out over a period of time with usage and the brake fluid. Experts believe the car’s brakes should be thoroughly inspected once every year or every time there is a dip in its performance.

Spark Plug – Spark plug aids in starting your car. You should change your car’s spark plug once every year.

Air Filter – Air filters keep away dirt from your engine by filtering the air it uses. A dirty air filter can reduce the mileage and affect your engine in the long run. Get it checked every time you tune up your car.

Rotate your car tyres – The distance travelled by your car’s tyres may be the same, but the stress each tyre faces is different. Uneven wearing out of tyres can be a problem. To avoid this, rotate your car tyres, i.e. change their positions after every 10,000 km. Replace tyres that are no longer good. Also, when you drive, keep the tyre pressure to the recommended level. Not only would it save petrol, but the tyre as well.

Clutch – Clutch and clutch fluid level should be checked on a regular basis. If it wears out, you will not be able to change gears smoothly. So every time you tune up your car, ask your mechanic to check it.

Get your car checked up – Most people visit the car mechanic only when they notice a problem! Tune up your car once every year.

Follow these very simple car maintenance tips and you’ll love your car’s top notch performance. A few minutes can add years to your car’s life!

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