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When people consider buying a new car, they are often confused because of the wide choice that is available to them. However, with some research and planning to understand your personal needs, the decision can be made simpler.

Assess your needs

Every person wants to own his or her dream car. A practical approach to buying the right vehicle would be to first assess your needs. When it comes to functionality keep these key considerations in mind:

• Number of passengers who will travel in the car
• Kind of driving done – on highways, off-road, or surface streets
• Daily distance to be commuted, making fuel efficiency a crucial factor
• Need for an all-wheel drive
• Important safety features that are necessary
• Cargo capacity required
• Parking space availability

Understand your financial constraints

Once you have assessed your needs, you need to figure out your finances and arrive at a definite budget. Unless you have the entire purchase amount, you will need to avail an automobile loan. Consider the implications of this obligation on your finances to determine which vehicle will suit your needs, as well as your budget.

Ownership costs

Paying the purchase price of your car is only one aspect. There are several other expenses that owners need to incur and if not considered at the time of purchase can cause severe financial distress. Some of these expenses include car insurance premiums, fuel costs, depreciation, and repairs and maintenance.
A high-performance car will not only be more expensive but will also require higher investment in its maintenance. In addition, the insurance premium for high-end models can be steep and this should be taken into account when making the purchase.

Buyers are advised to research the different options, compare performance features, and read user reviews before making their purchase decision. Sales representatives can also offer valuable insights into choosing the right vehicle, but treat their inputs with some amount of skepticism as their primary goal is to make a sale. Seeking expert advice and browsing through information available on online resources like forums, blogs, and discussion boards will also help in making the appropriate decision.

Irrespective of whether you choose your dream car based on performance or utility, it is crucial for you to procure a suitable car insurance policy that provides maximum coverage. Royal Sundaram is one of the most reputed insurers and policies from the company a wide range of benefits to car owners. Royal Sundaram’s Car Shield Plan offers excellent discounts to members of the Automobile Association. Additional discounts can also be availed by opting for higher deductibles. Owners can even transfer the no-claims bonus from another insurance company when shifting to Royal Sundaram.

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