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Prepare your car for the monsoons!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 21 Jun 2011

The rainy season is a relief for most us from the sweltering heat, but it’s another nightmare for your car just like the hot sun. Most of us know that driving during a heavy shower is difficult, especially at night.

With a little prep work, you can ensure the safety of your car and above all, yours.

Follow these tips and get your car ready to face the rains:

Tyres –

  • Check for wear and tear. See if they need to be rotated or changed.
  • The tread of the tyre should be at least 1.6 mm – 2 mm in depth. The treads push the water out of the way, enabling a greater contact with the road. It can prevent an accident due to skidding.
  • Check tyre pressure regularly for a better drive.

Windshield Glass –

  • Check for scratches on the windshield glass. During rains, visibility really drops. If your mechanic recommends it to be changed, please do so!
  • Wash the windshield regularly with detergent as water sticks better to a dirty glass than clean glass.

Windscreen wipers –

  • Wipers are your friend for clear visibility in the rains. It should be changed once a year.
  • Check for cracks on the rubber as it may scratch the windshield glass or clean the surface unevenly.
  • Also check if arms of wipers are working in all speeds.
  • Wiper may require frequent cleaning, so wipe it with sandpaper once in a few days.

Brake –

  • Brakes can be a life-giver. So ask your mechanic to check the brake pads, brake linings, brake discs and the brake oil level.
  • Check if the car stops in a straight line. If not, it needs repairing.
  • The braking should be completely sound-free. If you can hear any squeaking sounds, it indicates a problem.
  • Check the handbrakes too, as crawling your way through a crowded elevation can be problematic without it.


  • Before the monsoon sets in, coat your battery terminals with petroleum jelly to avoid starting trouble.

Exteriors –

  • Water plus metal equals rust. Before monsoons set in, get your car waxed and ask your mechanic to put an anti-rust coating on the fittings.
  • Buy a good car cover, even if you have a covered car parking.

Indicators and Lighting –

  • Visibility is poor in rains. Check up the headlights, tail lights, brake lights and indicators.
  • Tail lights are important too, as drivers behind you can pick-up your speed better with them.

Driving during a downpour can be tough. Thus, get your car ready to face any situation. Above all, use your common sense while driving! Be safe and keep others safe this monsoon. Happy driving!

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