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PUC Certificate for Car & Bike

A PUC or Pollution under Control Certificate is a document that contains the emission levels of your vehicle. It is a mandate laid down by the Central Government. Every vehicle owner must possess and carry the certificate at all times while driving or riding his/her vehicle.

Why is a PUC Certificate mandatory?

To regulate the harmful effects of pollution on the environment, the Government of India laid down rules and guidelines for vehicle owners to follow under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The emissions released by vehicles directly affect the condition of the surrounding air quality. Hence, it prescribes emission levels for four-wheelers and two-wheelers under the act. Vehicle owners must ensure that their vehicle’s emission levels are within the permissible limits.

What are the benefits of getting a PUC certificate?

Apart from serving as a proof of ownership for the vehicle, a Pollution under Control Certificate (PUC) also makes you are a responsible citizen.

  • ♦ Know if the current pollution level of your vehicle is beyond the permissible levels and act on it.
  • ♦ Contribute towards the environment by keeping the pollution levels in check.
  • ♦ A PUC makes you a law-abiding citizen as it is a mandatory document under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

How to get a PUC certificate offline & online?

There are two ways of acquiring a PUC certificate:

  1. 1. Offline mode – You can visit any of the following centres:
  • ♦ A certified RTO centre or emission test centre.
  • ♦ Any petrol pump or fuel station across the country which have licensed PUC centres.
  • ♦ Any licensed or standalone auto emission testing centres.
  • ♦ Upon visiting any of the centres listed above, the official/operator present at the centre will scan your exhaust pipe with a device to check whether your emission levels fall within the permitted standards.
  • ♦ If they do, you can get a hard copy of the Pollution certificate for car/Pollution certificate for bike containing your vehicle registration number, the serial number of the certicate, the date of the test, the period of validity and the test reading of the vehicle.
  1. 2. Online mode (This is applicable for vehicle owners who already have a PUC certificate) – You can acquire PUC for car/ PUC for bike through Parivahan – a portal launched by the central government offering various transport-related services. )
  • ♦ Enter your vehicle’s registration number and the last five digits of your chassis number.
  • ♦ Enter the security code that appears after you input your details and click on ‘PUC details’.
  • ♦ You will be directed towards a page containing your emission test readings. After that, you can click the ‘Print’ option to download a soft copy of your PUC certificate.

How to find an RTO approved PUC centre?

On the government’s website Parivahan, an online database containing a list of RTO approved PUC centres is given. This ‘PUC Centre List’ has a record of centres in every state and provides information on the types of vehicles they test, and their address and contact details.

What is the validity of a PUC certificate?

The validity of a PUC certificate for a new vehicle is 1 year. The validity of a PUC certificate for an old vehicle lasts for 6 months and requires renewal before the nearing its expiry date. Additionally, a valid PUC certificate is necessary if you want to obtain/renew your car insurance or bike insurance policy.

What are the penalties for not having a PUC certificate?

The penalty, as per the law, requires authorities to charge a fine of Rs. 1000 on the occurrence of an offence for the first time. However, if you fail to acquire a vehicle pollution certificate and are caught the subsequent time you will be charged a penalty of Rs. 2000.  This penalty is enforced under Section 190 (2) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Considering the nominal cost of acquiring a vehicle pollution certificate (i.e. 60-100 Rs. only depending on the fuel and vehicle type) it is sensible to obtain your PUC certificate before you hit the road.

At Royal Sundaram, we believe that it is a moral and legal responsibility of every vehicle owner to get a PUC certificate. After all, a safer India is a better India.

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