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Six Things to Check before Going on a Long Drive

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Mar 2016

When you have spent hours every day doing the same old stuff and following the same old routine, a change seems like the best thing to come your way for the weekend. Now, if you have a penchant for cars, a road trip can be the next best thing to take. You can certainly make the most of your weekend by heading on a long drive along with your friends, or in solitude, as you wind through the lanes admiring the scenic views along the way.
The most important thing to consider before heading out on any trip should be an insurance cover that is sure to safeguard your vehicle for instances where something goes amiss. Its only when you have prepared for the journey, long drives will seem to be an exciting prospect.

Tips for Long Drive

Tips for Long Drive

Curbing the excitement for the road trip is next to impossible, yet you must take time to check these following things before going on the drive:

1. Make a flexible plan: Deciding on everything without thinking of a possible alternative to your plan can be wrong decision to make. It is, after all impossible that your trip would go exactly as planned. Flexibility in the routes, stay, and food to be eaten does help in enjoying the road tripping experience.

2. Check the fuel. You already know where you are headed, which makes it obvious that you have the plan mapped out. Check if you have enough fuel to reach the next gas station on your way so that you are not stranded along the way, waiting for help to come along. Road side assistance provided by car insurance is beneficial during such times.

3. Carry a first aid kit. Always. This hardly needs any mention if you are a frequent traveler. Long drives, especially, can be very trying since you wouldn’t be able to get the amount of rest you usually do. A first aid kit which is customized to your needs can comes in handy if you end up getting sick due to the journey or, perhaps, due to consuming street food while on the trip.

4. Be sure to have all the tools you might need if your car broke down in the middle of the night. Nothing can beat the fun out of a long drive than having to wait all night long to find out the closest mechanic to get your punctured tyre changed.

5. Figure out your pit-stops to make sure you don’t drive over the maximum limit you can. Resting from time will help you stay alert while you drive, avoiding circumstances where you could run into something unexpected.

6. Take a map along. You may not want to admit it, but getting lost is not a phenomenon one can always avoid. Carrying a map along would hardly cause any harm and would even prove beneficial if you are, indeed, geographically challenged.

With these pointers in mind, you are all set to head out on a long drive, without worrying too much about the ‘what ifs’.

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