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Take that ‘one extra day’ in February to give your car the makeover it deserves. In your busy schedule you may have failed to rectify or postponed small repairs in your car. Ponder over the list below and if you relate to any one of them, the extra day is the ideal day to do it.

Is a professional car wash for your car long overdue? Its time to fix an appointment with the service station and get it done on this extra day in February.

  • You have the nagging thought of the rust formed and bird droppings in the gaps of your car doors. You do not want corrosion to cause perforations and reduce the resale value of your car. Get your car Teflon coated after a wash, to keep up the shine and protect the paint.
  • You can get dents removed or scratches touched up with paint.
  • You can get your tyres checked because old and worn out tyres may even burst and put your life in jeopardy.
  • You can ask the mechanic to check the fluid within the car’s cooling system and ensure that a proper mix of coolant to water is maintained.
  • Have been driving your car without the brake lights? Now is the time to ensure that the brakes as well as brake lights function properly.
  • Love to listen to music while driving but your car stereo has been dead for while? Use this day to buy an audio system and get it fixed.
  • You have been managing to drive with only one headlight, although you have been lucky all this while, its time to take action to ensure that both headlights work.
  • Have you been annoyed all this while at the sight of spills on your seat? Use the extra day to get it removed by using some quick wash liquids. You can also vacuum your car to remove accumulated dust.
  • You envisage a scotching summer and know that you are running out of time. Get sun-control films for your car windows to block almost 75% of the solar energy and keep the interiors cool. Also, get your AC checked.
  • You can get the long awaited sensors installed to aid you in reversing your car on the road or garage.
  • You have been driving for a long time without replacing the side mirror, which was so easily broken by a pedestrian’s swaying hands near a signal. Allot the day to replace it.

Rather than citing lack of time as a reason for your car’s poor maintenance, you can use this day to make your car look great and perform better. Maintaining your car gives you emotional satisfaction and pride that you have protected your investment and ensured the safety of your family.

To make your car maintenance even more simpler and easier, check out the additional benefit of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Online that offers amazing features such as protection of damage to your car and cover for plastic/metal parts.

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