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Staying calm on road! Learn how to reduce stress while driving

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 25 Jul 2011

Anyone who commutes by a car or bike, would admit that driving on Indian roads is a pretty daunting task! Roads are filled with pot holes, 90% of the drivers don’t follow the Traffic Rules and traffic jam invariably makes you late.

In fact, driving may make you feel exhausted. Experts call this, Commute Stress. Driving releases many hormones in your body which is bad for your heart or it may increase your blood pressure.

While you can’t completely eliminate the stress, you can reduce it. Here are a few tips for it.

Start early

Stress triples when you are in a hurry. The best way to avoid it, is to start early from your home. Bulk of traffic is seen around 9 AM in the morning and 6 PM in the evening. See if you can avoid the peak traffic hours.

Sleep well

Lack of sleep makes people grouchy and also, slows down reaction time. Follow ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ regime for good health and remember ‘One hour sleep before mid-night is equal to two after mid-night’.  Before you say ‘good night’, prepare everything you require for the next day.

Limit caffeine

A little dose of caffeine is good and recommended by experts. But excess of it can make you irritable. Caffeine also interferes with quality sleep. So, reduce caffeine. Avoid it 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Add air-conditioner to your car

Heat and breathing polluted air adds to exhaustion due to stress. Air conditioning relaxes you and also filters out pollutants. Fit your car with a good air-conditioner, if doesn’t have one already. You can add a nice car perfume for a little aromatherapy too!

Try alternative route

Look for an alternative route to get to your home/office, which is less crowded, even if it adds 2-3 kms. Driving at snail’s pace on a jam-packed road is far more stressful that driving a few kms extra, on a less crowded road. Chances are, you’ll end up saving petrol and time, since car’s engine works best when driving at 40 km/hr.

Relocate home

Long driving hours adds to a lot of stress. A survey suggested that, people who spend more than 2 hours everyday on the road, driving, were more likely to suffer from heart problems than those who spent half an hour. So, look if you can relocate closer to your office and reduce the time on the road.

Hire a driver

If your budget allows it, hire a driver for your car. You can just sit back and relax, read or catch up with work.

So take these steps to reduce stress. Make the road happier and safer for everyone.

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