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Tips to Keep Your Car Secure

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 May 2014

Gone are the days when a car was just a luxury to have. In a world where everybody seems to be pressed for time, having a car could save you a lot of your time and make life more simple and convenient. Apart from being useful, your car is also one of your most precious possessions.

85537243But what if one morning you find your car missing from where you parked it last night? Of course, it would be quite a deadly feeling. Car theft is one of the most common crimes in India. Close to 36,000 vehicles are stolen in India every year, according to the official website of the Mumbai Police. Thus, to ensure that you do not lose your most favourite possession, following are some security tips to protect your car.


Security Tips for Your Car

Keep your car safe by taking the following safety measures.

Install a Car Alarm System: It is very important to install a car alarm system in your vehicle. It would detect almost all signs of intrusion and alert you of a possible danger. Whether someone tries to open the bonnet or put force on the door of your car, the electronic device would be able to detect everything. It sounds a loud siren when any such thing is detected by the alarm system.

Remove the Battery when Going on a Vacation: Always make it a point to take out your car’s battery and keep it inside your house or in a secure place, before you leave for a tour. A car cannot run without the battery, so stealing it would become highly difficult. Keeping away your battery will also prevent it from going dead.

Park Your Car in a Safe Place: Be sure to find a well-lit and well-attended area to park your car. Always remember, ‘Out of sight is out of safety’. So ensure that you park your car at the busiest location possible. Prefer parking your car at authorized parking lots and petrol pumps rather than leaving it on the street.

Don’t Keep Spare Keys in The Car: A thief can any day break into your car and find the spare car keys there. So make sure that you do not keep the key inside the car. Keep the spare keys at a well hidden place where only your trusted people have access to.

Get Your Windows Etched: With your vehicle’s identity number etched on the windscreen, headlights and mirrors, the car cloners will have a tough time getting away with your stolen car.

Use Securing Devices: Make use of tools like steering wheel lock, brake lock and clutch lock to ensure that car thieves have a tough time driving away your vehicle. Always put the window of your car up and never leave the keys dangling from the key slot when you park it.

Following these simple steps, you can prevent your valuable possession from being stolen. Keep your car safe and make the life of car thieves more difficult.

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