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Are Tubeless Tyres good for your car?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 27 Oct 2010

Royal sundaram Car InsuranceWhat are tubeless tyres?

As the name goes, these are tyres without a tube. While we all know that, the question that arises in our mind is “How do these tyres hold air without a tube?” Come!  Let’s dig the answer.

In these tyres the inner lining is given with halobutyl material (mostly chorobutyl), which is completely airtight. This airtight joint between the tyre and wheel, holds the air instead of a tube.

Though tubeless tyres have been making a revolution since 1950s across the globe, this technology is only recently catching up in India. So, should you consider a replacement of tube tyres and opt for tubeless? Well! We will give you few reasons why you should!

It is more secure

Chances of tyre blow out or rapid air loss are extremely rare in tubeless tyres. Even if a nail strikes through, the rubber of these tyres is constructed in such a way that they hold the nail firm, and thus there is either zero or minimal air loss. So you can be assured that the tyre will not burst, just gently deflate, making your car safer.

Makes your car fuel efficient

The absence of the tube reduces the weight of the tyres and lowers the rolling resistance caused by friction between tyre and tube. A tubeless tyre is lighter by almost ½ kg! Thus a tubeless tyre saves you money spent on fuel.

Helps you drive better

These tyres are constructed with strengthened edge for better fit with the rim. This makes the tyre lighter, making every drive a better experience. Even while driving with lower inflation, no damage will occur due to the tyre.

Ease of Repair

It is easier to repair the tubeless tyre in case of puncture and can be done in minutes with a simple ‘Repair kit’. The biggest advantage is that you can simply seal the punctures without removing the tyre from the rim. You can also carry a tube in your ‘Repair kit’, so that, in case of emergencies, you can insert it to the tyre at the puncture site, till you get home or to the repair shop.

With all its advantages, tubeless tyres are definitely a blessing for your car. Another blessing for your car would be Royal Sundaram’s Car Insurance Online. Click to know more

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One response to “Are Tubeless Tyres good for your car?”

  1. Naresh Kumar says:

    It was a good informative article to all car users especially those who venture into long drive.

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