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Ways to Extend the Life Of Your Car

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 Feb 2013

Car for many is a cherished dream. A single scratch on you brand new car can get you repenting over how you could have avoided it. And the most unique part is that unlike other brand new objects you get, your obsession with your car never fades over the years. Then why should you allow the life of your car to be limited to a small span. Here’s how you can extend the life of your car –

  • Don’t idle your car engine for a long time. This is a great piece of advice for the life of your car. The oil pressure that develops while doing so restricts the oil to spread to the other required parts of the engine.
  • Another thing that will instantly add years to your car is racing the engine during start – up, especially if it is cold outside.
  • Maintain the speed limit required and drive carefully to extend the life of your tires. Avoid stunts with your car including fast driving, abrupt halts and sharp turns. Also, don’t hit the tires are the curb when parking. Most importantly, avoid burning the rubber.
  • Park your card in shade. Your skin is not the only thing endangered by the UV rays, they cause enough harm to the paint and the interiors of your car as well. In case you can’t find a shade for your car, then use a car cover to reduce the effect of heat.
  • Cleaning the inside of your car is as important as the outside. So don’t forget to vacuum and sponge the interior of the car. This will also keep your car smelling fresh. While sponging your car use mild detergent and water.
  • Opt for a good car insurance plan. However careful you are on the road, disasters happen when they have to. Any damage to your car can result in you spending a fortune for the repairs. By getting the best possible car insurance policy for your car you can be sure the expenses of repairing do not hit you hard and your car can be repaired by people best in business.

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