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Why SUVs are the best for off-road adventures?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Oct 2016


Going for an off-road adventure is an exciting prospect, but one has to be prepared for the challenging and scary roads. Whether you are exploring the mountain paths or discovering the desert trails, finding the right vehicle for your off road adventure is important. Your vehicle should be fit to drive through terrains such as sand, gravel, snow, mud, rock, grassland etc.

But are hatchback cars suited to go for an off-road trip? Not really. To make the most of your off-road adventure, you need to find a good SUV. SUV cars are leaders in off-roading vehicles and perfect if you are looking to take a path full of challenges.

The safety factor of SUV’s can be understood by following statistics:

  • Small 4 door cars have a death rate double than that of SUVs.
  • The insurance institute of highway safety (IIHS) reported that “SUV drivers are among the least likely to die in car accidents”
  • IIHS also reported that more than half of the models with the highest accident rates are small vehicles or minicars.

What makes SUVs the best for off road adventure? The following points will explain it better.

SUV’s can take in more people:

What is an adventure without your besties? Going for an adventure with all your friends is not possible, unless you own an SUV. Some SUVs can easily fit in nine passengers comfortably. It solves your problem of taking multiple cars on a trip. Moreover, it saves fuel, takes up less space in the parking lot, and makes the most of your trip budget when compared to taking more than one car for the trip.

SUV’s are safer:

Nothing is more important than safety on an adventure. Technologically advanced safety systems installed in your car might fail at times of a mishap. An SUV has a sturdy build and it will outweigh all these drawbacks and prove to be your safest adventure partner.

SUV’s are designed for off road:

SUV’s are raised higher above the ground than most of the cars which make them appropriate to use on different roads including off-road conditions. SUV’s also have the ability to drive over debris or small objects with no or minimum damage.

SUV’s have better towing capacity:

Not only SUVs provide space to fit in enough cargo, it also has the ability to tow other vehicles. The gigantic size, powerful engine, and great grip on road makes it convenient to tow cars, trailers and other items.

These are the few reasons why an SUV is the right car to choose for an off-road adventure.

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