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The Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 03 Dec 2013

Is the fog already coating your windshield? It is a sign that winter is approaching, a season that can be quite harsh for your beloved vehicle. You need to take some precautions to keep your car rolling smoothly despite the challenges that this season brings.

How to protect your car in the winterHow to be Good to Your Car in Winter

You may have taken out your sweaters and mufflers for winter. Have you prepared your car to cope with the harsh weather conditions during winter? Your car needs warmth to perform efficiently and stay in good shape. Here are a few things you can do to be nice to your car this winter:

  1. The engine of your car has several pliable materials, like belts and hoses. The cold weather can make these brittle instead of rubbery, which in turn can cause these to develop cracks. Keep checking these materials in your car and be sure to replace them immediately if you notice any cracks.
  2. You may be in a hurry to get to work every day. However, avoid just turning on the engine and driving off. Wait for a few minutes after you turn on the ignition, then crank up the engine and now you are ready to take your car for a spin. Letting your engine be idle for a while will help your car get a little warm and bring the oils and other fluids in your car to an optimum temperature before you hit the road.
  3. If you have the luxury of a closed garage, always park your car there for the night. If your car is going to be standing out in the open through the cold winter nights, it is a good idea to purchase a thick cover for your car.
  4. In case you are going away for a few days to enjoy Christmas and New Years away from home, you can ask a friend or neighbor to start your car a couple of times while you are gone. Keeping the engine running for just a few minutes will get the oil and fuel moving in the pipes.
  5. Take your car for a wash. During the winter months, the underbody of your car tends to accumulate sludgy dirt, which could cause rusting very quickly. Taking your car for regular washes will prevent this from happening.

With a little bit of care, you can protect your car from damage, which could turn out much more expensive in the longer-run. These simple tips can help you protect your car from the impact of extreme weather conditions during the winter months.

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