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The Do’s and Don’ts after a Road Accident

The journey of life is full of uncertainties – there are flows and there are ebbs. In India, over a million road accidents occur every year. And God forbid, there are chances that you may get involv

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Tips for Personal Injury Accident Claims

The only certainty in life is uncertainty. While we cannot predict the future, we can, however, prepare for it. And the best way is to buy an accident policy. It is an insurance plan where in exchange

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Road Safety 101

Driving is a fun activity that can turn dangerous if not carried out with responsibility. Accidents on the road are becoming increasingly common with leading factors being speeding, driving under the

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Road Safety Tips that could Potentially Save your Life

Check out these astounding facts: The frequency of road accidents in India is 1 in every 60 seconds. These mishaps take a life every 4 minutes (precisely every 3.7 minutes) and approximately 377 peopl

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Drunk Driving in India – Must Know Facts

It’s Saturday night. You’re on your way home from attending a party. A car zips past you at breakneck speed. You curse under your breath, “Stupid! Is he drunk or something??!” The sad truth is

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