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Get insurance to cover accidents

No matter how good your health is, an accident can happen any time, any where. It can leave your family in severe financial hardship and ruin the comfort and security you work so hard to provide them.

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How accidents may affect your well-being

Speed thrills, but kills. We often lose years, in trying to save a few seconds. Night doubles traffic troubles. Roads are flooded with such safety slogans, yet we ignore them. Let us realize their imp

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Why shouldn’t you use your mobile while driving?

Let’s do this! Close your ears and eyes with a black shawl. Now check whether you can walk on a straight line. Caution! While trying this you may face fatigue. Because, anatomy teaches that when we

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Untold Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance

Most people get life insurance instead of applying for a personal accidental insurance policy. This is a crucial mistake that costs a lot later in case they are not able to continue paying the heavy

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