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How to Take Care of Your Car? Read This 6-Point Car Care Checklist

To keep your car clean and running at peak performance is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, and a bit of money. However, it is worth everything in the end. While buying a car insurance is a goo

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7 Tips to protect your car engine

Quite often we hop into our car, turn the key, raise our windows, and drive to wherever we wish to go. It’s a regular routine we car owners follow. The only time this routine sees an interruption is

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All You Need to Know About Car Gears

Many accidents occur for the simple reason that the driver could not change the gear in time. Now although you have a car insurance to protect you, you should master this skill. Gear Lever 1. Modern c

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Personal accident cover in car insurance explained

An accident is an unforeseen event. One whose impact is devastating not only for the individual involved but on his or her family and loved ones as well. Imagine a young professional, the only earning

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Love Your Car? Here’s How To Keep it Safe and Secure

For some, it is a childhood dream come true. For some, it is a status symbol. Whatever be the reason, owning a car is a priceless feeling. However, unforeseen incidents such as car theft can cause gre

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