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Worried about your car? Get freedom with our comprehensive insurance plan

Your car is your most prized possession and it is normal to worry about its safety. Damage to your car in case of theft, fire, accident etc. can be difficult to manage. Here is where Royal Sundaram’

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Driving Tips for Your Safety This Monsoon

Driving safe is a real challenge in the rainy season. With the conditions of the roads in this weather, drivers need to be all the more careful, and follow proper driving and traffic rules. This is wh

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5 Myths About Car Insurance Debunked

Car insurance is one of the most widely availed general insurance plans in India with equally widespread misconceptions attached to it. It is because of these myths that consumers end up making wrong

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Survive the Petrol Price Hike with Best Ways to Save Fuel

Just when we thought that the petrol prices had touched its peak, the prices went up again! Considering the rate at which the fuel prices are rising, every gallon of fuel that is efficiently utilized,

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Make Road-Trips With Kids an Enriching Experience

Planning for a road trip with your kids and wondering how you can make it exciting for everyone? Usually, a road trip with children turns out to be a hectic and tiring ride. A little knowledge and adv

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