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Prepare your car for the monsoons!

The rainy season is a relief for most us from the sweltering heat, but it’s another nightmare for your car just like the hot sun. Most of us know that driving during a heavy shower is difficult, esp

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The safest cars in India

Safety of passengers in a car, in India, is not given as much thought as mileage. The safety features of majority of cars Made in India stop at seat belts. Luckily, an increasing number of auto manu

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Car care for summer

Summer is here. It’s time to take out the sunscreen lotion to protect skin from harsh sun rays, gorge on fruit juices to stay hydrated and switch on the AC to keep cool. And, while you take care

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Green technology that may power your car

Car is the preferred mode of transport for majority of people in the world! And why not? It’s convenient, comfortable and far safer than 2-wheeler! But, unfortunately, it also is a major source of p

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India’s most fuel efficient cars

With Petrol and Diesel costs rising every day and the increasing road traffic, most car buyers are obsessed with mileage. After all, fuel expense contributes to the running cost of the car which you i

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