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What’s hot about Plug-in Hybrid cars?

Is rising petrol prices burning a hole in your pocket? Does that hinder your travel dreams? A Plug-in Hybrid car might just be the answer. A regular hybrid car works on both electric and petrol power.

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Car care before you leave it unused for a long time

Leaving your car unused for long periods of time can have a damaging effect the vehicle. A slow deterioration sets in and can create problems when you want to drive the car again.Besides the exterior

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What happens if your car gets stolen? How much will my insurance company pay?

If your car has been stolen, the first thing to do will be to file a police report. Notify your insurance company as soon as you file the police report, this will help in case the thief has caused som

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Big Cars vs Small Car

Irrespective of your financial capacity, the size of your car is probably the most important factor in your purchase decision. Unlike beer bottles and LCD screens though, bigger doesn’t necessar

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An overview of buying used cars and a list of used car websites in India

Buying a vehicle is no easy matter, no less if it’s a used car. Although buying a new car offers the benefits of a warranty and better condition overall, used cars or second hand cars also have thei

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