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15 Safety Tips for Your Car This Monsoon

Monsoon is an inconvenience not just for us, but also for our cars. Our vehicles are a little more fragile during rains than usual. As a responsible owner, you need to take additional measures to ensu

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Why Your Car Needs An Engine Protector Add-On?

The monsoon is upon us. Heavy rains, dangerous roads, and the risk of floods have become a commonality in India. The best we can do is take adequate protection for our precious cars. A car insurance t

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When is the Right Time to Renew Car Insurance Policy

Your car is your faithful companion on the road, and it makes all your journeys comfortable and easy. It may be daily commute to office or a drive along the countryside on the weekends; your ride will

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How does NCB help in reducing premium?

There are several ways to reduce the car insurance premium while buying the policy. One of the most effective among them all is NCB. NCB stands for No Claim Bonus. It is applicable only when you do no

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Few Terms to Know Before Buying Car Insurance

For most of you, buying a car is the second-costliest purchase done in life, after purchasing a home. Owning a car does give a sense of pride to many. As a result, most of us take utmost care of the p

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