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How Eating Right Helps You Beat the Heat

The sweltering heat of the summer season can easily tempt you to reach for a bottle of chilled cold-drinks, ice-creams and other artificial coolants. But did you know that the faster these food items

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How a Vacation Helps You, Health Wise

Most of us run to get anything new in the market that promises good health. But we forget that a healthy mind is the key to healthy living. With the kind of stressed living we have these days, our min

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Health benefits of living green

We’ve heard of how living green helps the environment stay clean and pollution free. A healthy environment promises better health as well. Not only is the end effect of living green healthy, but the

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Health insurance – to save you and your tax

In recent times medical insurance is the most popular non-life insurance that individuals are showing more inclination than before  . And an appealing factor to the most of the salaried section was f

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Stay healthy without hitting the gym

Face it, every time you take a gym membership, you are somewhat regular for the first month and then your regularity diminishes as the months go by. Unless you are a fitness enthusiast, sticking to a

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