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Don’t Skip Exercise if it Rains Outside. Here’s How Can Stay Fit at Home.

Monsoon is a difficult season. Apart from clogged roads, thunderstorms, and heavier than usual traffic, monsoons are an inconvenience to our regular schedule. Given that exercise should be a part of y

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Cashless Health Insurance – What you should know?

What would you do if your family member, relative or friend called you up during mid night regarding an urgent need of cash for an emergency hospitalization? Well, in such a situation, you or anyone w

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Senior Citizens Health Insurance – What you need to know?

As you get older, the need for a health insurance plan becomes stronger. With age come a lot of diseases and ailments that require medical attention, and a good health insurance helps us tackle the fi

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Secure Child & Parents Under Single Health Insurance Policy

When buying health insurance plans for your loved ones, insurance companies give you the option of buying either an individual policy, or a family floater plan that covers all of you. Family health in

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Does smoking affect your health insurance cover?

To smoke cigarettes is to put your life on a double-edged sword. While one edge will ruin your health and expose you to ailments, the other edge silently reduces the weight of your purses and wallets.

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