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10 good habits your body will love!

Love your body? Here are 10 good habits your body will love! Imbibe these habits to boost your chance to have a happy, healthy life. 1. Sleep – Surprised? More than proper ‘work out’

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Love food? Here are the healthy ones!

Whether you eat to live or live to eat, food is the fuel for the human body and the nutrients from the food we eat ultimately become the building blocks of your body. So make a better choice of what y

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Simple exercise routine for a healthy body you’ll love

Everyone knows the importance of it, but everyone loves to avoid “The E word” – exercise. So here is a simple exercise routine, which you can do at your home and office to maintain a

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Bring a holistic approach to good health this New Year!

We are entering into a new decade this New Year. New Year’s the time when one should check on the road taken so far and get ourselves back on track. Good health is not just about a healthy body, it

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Change your lifestyle for a healthy 2011!

A man once asked Lord Mahaveer “What is the most intriguing thing you find about mankind.” Lord Mahaveer replied “They lose their health to make money and then lose their money to re

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