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Water woes? Explore Rain Water Harvesting

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! Fresh water availability is rising concerns in several countries of the world, majorly India and China, the two most highly populated countries. With i

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Make your home electrically safe

Our lifestyle is heavily dependent on electricity and one can’t imagine life without it. However, electricity can be dangerous, if we don’t “play by the rules”. It may cause fire accidents or

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Get the best Air Conditioner this summer

Mercury is soaring everywhere! Many people nowadays are loosening their purse strings a little to buy an AC. If you are looking to purchase new AC or replace your old one this summer, the following ti

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Safeguard your home. Insure it!

Your home sweet home is your abode of security and comfort. But have you ever thought that your home needs a cover too? Home Insurance is a must for every home today! Learn more about it, in this arti

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Segregate your garbage. Save the planet!

What’s the relation between your home’s garbage and global warming? Let’s connect the dots in this article.         Understand what your garbage consists of Any day, your gar

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