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Make your homecoming pleasant

You’ve prepared well for your well-deserved vacation, but then before you leave, you have to prepare your home for your homecoming. Because, returning home from a vacation can be quite a drag and st

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Pest control at home

Fighting pests at home may at times can be quite a challenge. However, if you handle it the right way, you can tackle this problem quite easily. Here are some simple home remedies to keep pests under

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Give your home a unique scent with Aromatherapy

Every home has a distinctive smell. Some smell of fresh fruits or baked bread, some of vanilla, while some others have the fragrance of incense sticks lingering in the air. While these smells can make

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Burglar proof your home!

“Home is where the heart is” and that is where it will remain if you have not taken care of the safety of your dream home.Every minute away would be a nightmare, beating the purpose of a vacation.

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Take care of your home while you are travelling…

I don’t want to spend one moment worrying about anything at home while I’m on vacation – not about the house, the plants, or whether I left something on that I shouldn’t have,

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