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Does Your Travel Insurance Cover Your Home Too?

Travelling abroad bestows upon you a lot of responsibilities, about the things you are moving towards as well as the ones that you are leaving behind you. You will probably find it difficult to have c

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Five Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Travel Insurance Plan

Travelling is a fantastic experience. You get to visit amazing sights, taste delicious cuisines, and experience new cultures. It is one of the most enriching experiences you can go through. However, t

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Top Benefits of Selecting a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Travel involves a big expense and hence demands to be secured with wise planning, in order to cut down the cost to the minimum. Maintaining a budget is relatively easier in case of leisure travels, pl

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5-Point Guide to Apply for a Travel Insurance Claim

A travel insurance works like a shield that protects you against all the hassles that can take place during your travel trip. In the panic of the moment, in a totally different place, your insurance p

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Five tips on how to make yourself a good air traveller

Manners are an important part of one’s personality, considered vital for maintaining a healthy social behaviour. Airlines have always been very particular about following a proper conduct, in order

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