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Secure Your Ride: Traffic & Safety Rules for two-wheelers in India

In a country like India, it is important for every two wheeler user to understand road safety rules. Factors such as poor infrastructure, bad driving skills, general disregard for traffic rules result

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5 Essential Things to Protect Your Bike during Rain

Get your bike serviced regularly                    Rain causes a lot of water and dust build up on the body parts of your two wheeler, which can affect its performance. Thus, get y

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All about NCB and IDV in Two Wheeler Insurance

As the name suggests, no claim bonus or NCB is a bonus offered by the insurance companies if a vehicle owner has not filed any claim in the previous years. In simple terms, NCB is like a reward for no

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13 Tips to increase mileage of Your Bike

Mileage is an important performance indicator of an automobile that determines the distance it can travel in a particular amount of fuel. In fact, it is a strong decision-making factor when it comes t

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Impact of Bike Modification on Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

Bike modification not just improves your bikes performance but also, enhances its appearance. Although, you also need to know that motorbike modification can also have an impact on your premium. So, i

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