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Happy Women’s Day! Fun facts about women.

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Mar 2011

8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day, worldwide. The day is observed to bring a social revolution aiming at gender equality. Infact, in some countries like China, Nepal, Vietnam, Russia, it’s an official holiday!

Here are some fun-facts about Women’s Day and areas where women excel, which is sure to make every woman proud of herself!


1. The first Women’s Day was observed on 19th March 1911. More than 1 million women and men attended rallies to support women’s right to work, vote, hold public office and to end gender discrimination. Over the years, 8th March was fixed as International Women’s Day.

2. Women are at a lower risk of developing heart diseases and the reason for it is Estrogen! The hormone lowers level of bad cholesterol in body, thereby protecting heart.

3. The United Nations first celebrated International Women’s Day in 1975.

4. Research suggests that women possess much stronger verbal skills, compared to men. Women are naturally more articulate.

5. Yellow mimosa is the symbol of Women’s Day in Italy, Russia and Albania. In Italy, men give flowers to women. Chocolates and yellow mimosa tops as gifts in Russia and Albania.

6. According to a survey, women make a conscious effort to eat healthier, thus have better and healthier bodies.

7. Women can endure pain much better than men.

8. Women have better empathy and can interpret emotions better. Women are also faster to identify something visually different than usual.

9. Women, if they receive proper medical care during her birth and pregnancy, have a longer life expectancy than men.

10. According to scientists, women have a stronger immune system and female hormone oestrogen gives women this edge!

11. New Zealand was the first country that allowed women to vote, in 1893. In India, women were given voting rights as well as right to contest in election in 1950, at par with men, when the Indian constitution came into effect. In Switzerland, women got voting rights, at par with men, only in 1971.

12. A study suggests that when men relax and unwind, 70% of their brain is in sleep mode, whereas when women relax and unwind, 90% of their brain is still active. No wonder, women are better at multi-tasking!

13. Women and caring go hand in hand. This may be the reason why many patients prefer female doctors. Several studies indicate that female doctors are more encouraging, reassuring and spend up to 10% more time with patients.

14. Every year, International Women’s Day observes a theme for celebration. This year, the theme is “Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women.”

So, let’s make 8th March a special day for every woman and continue to work for gender equality. Royal Sundaram wishes everyone a very Happy Women’s Day.

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