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Changes to look forward to in the coming decade

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 31 Dec 2010

“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.”

– Confucius

Change is part of our life. Every single day, something better is evolving. Something is being modified. We are entering a new decade this New Year. This not only represents a change of date, but represents a hope about what the new decade might have in store for us…just what we wondered about a decade back. And this decade surely changed our lifestyle a lot!

10 years ago, colour cell phones hadn’t even entered Indian markets. Today, video calling is available.

10 years back, maps meant a huge sheet of paper. Today, map of any location is a click away, along with the direction to get there.

We certainly have come a long way in the past decade! But we have a longer way to go, as the new decade is all set to change our lives with some modern marvels. Let’s have a glimpse of some of those revolutionary ideas.

Advancement in robotic surgery –

Robot assisted surgery has been an area of interest since the 1980s. There are many advantages as it can –

  • help cut down the manpower
  • do a finer work than humans with enhanced accuracy
  • deftly handle small tools as ‘hands’ of robots are steadier
  • work faster than humans, tirelessly (surgeries last several hours)

Doctors could be performing an operation on patient in UP, sitting in Chennai!

Surgery such as reconnection of fallopian tube, hip replacements, gall bladder removal, closed-chest beating heart cardiac bypass have already been performed with the help of robots.

Though several milestones have been paved, it would take painstaking R&D before robots can perform a complex surgery. But by 2020, we predict that a lot of advancement would have taken place in this field.

Artificial heart –

An increasing number of patients across the globe require a heart transplant. The race to develop an artificial heart has been on since 1950s. Several innovations and research later, AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart – the World’s first completely self-contained artificial heart, has been developed.

In the coming decade, the artificial heart may be developed to become as efficient as normal heart. Patients, who received the AbioCor heart on an average, lived for 5 months after the surgery.

Scientists are also zealously developing artificial kidneys, eyes, hands and legs.

Driverless cars –

Driverless cars were considered to be science fiction created by imaginative writers. Today it’s a science fact tested by realistic scientists, with Google being the latest entrant in the arena. The bot cars have successfully driven on roads filled with complex obstacles.

Engineers claim that it is safer as the robots driving the car have a 360-degree perception, a faster reaction time and don’t get sleepy or distracted.

By 2020, you might just enter the location you need to reach and your car will locate the route and take you there without your intervention…if it fits your budget and traffic rules that is!

Space Travel –

Imagine experiencing of zero-gravity the way astronauts do. Space tourism may just be the adventure to look forward to, by 2020!

Currently it is offered only by the Russian Space Agency, where the traveller might have to help in research, to minimize cost (it currently costs US $ 25 – 30million). But many private players are keen to commercialise it and provide an ‘out of the world’ experience to everyone.

By 2020, who knows, sky might be the limit for adventure tourism!

Smarter homes –

Imagine air conditioners that automatically assess room temperature and switches on, all by itself. Homes that detect fire and call fire department, before you take action. Homes that adjust light automatically, as per changing natural light. Your kitchen detects leakage of gas and warns you to take action.

By the coming decade, homes might be made smarter and safer.

Several models of such homes have already been designed in the West. We hope in the coming decade, these smarter homes find their way to India, which fits our budget.

But, future is not all good news. By the next decade –

  • Diabetes would have affected 70 million Indians.
  • Climate change may claim 5 million lives globally.
  • The incidence of kidney related disease may double.
  • Women might exceed men, in becoming victim of heart diseases.
  • Incessant rains, floods, droughts, etc would become a norm.

This can change, provided we change. Let’s start taking action for a greener planet and healthier families.

The future sure sounds like a good place to be, provided we perfect our present!

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