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How to start a stress free life

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 09 Jan 2013

With the sedentary way of living, lifestyle health disorders are most common today. Stress stands as a big time villain in the way to a healthy life. But the trick is to know how to show stress and related diseases, the way outside. Here’s how you can keep stress at bay and enjoy healthy living.

Choose healthy food to eat –

You are what you eat. Fueling your body with the right kind of food will help you with the nutrients you need to meet the stress levels of your life. Plan a diet that is balanced. If required consult a dietician for this or you can even do well with a healthy intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. Avoid high fat content food. Have a small meal every two hours and supply your body regularly with protein, calcium, vitamin and minerals.

Start exercising –

Exercising works as the best stress reliever. If you are not a believer, try going for early morning walks and see the results. It not only keeps the body at a healthy weight by burning calories, it also allows the mind to release stress. Prepare a regime that involves warms ups, cardio, weight training and some meditative exercises. If you can’t manage an elaborate session pick any activity you like and sweat the most.

Keep time for rest –

For an active and stress – free living it is also very important to put your body in the passive mode. So do not ignore your sleep. A night’s sleep will ensure you make it through the day with all the alertness required. In case you cannot get a good sleep at night consider power naps through the day.

Develop a healthy habit each month –

Getting rid of bad health habits also helps to reduce stress and promote better living. So try leaving one bad habit at a time. Decide to cultivate eating healthy as a habit one month and quit smoking in the next. You’ll eventually begin to get in the flow and adopt better living.

De-clutter –

You save time and energy when you have things organised. Take 10 minutes off your schedule and organize stuff be it your room, closet, drawer or daily agenda. Arranging things not only saves time but lifts the pressure of your mind as everything seems sorted.

Take a break –

Don’t forget to leave the hustle and bustle of the city every now and then to recline back with nature. Plan trips with family or friends to new destinations; this will give you the relaxation you need.

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