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Has the monsoon hurt you? Here are some tips to prevent / reduce the chances of loss or damage to your vehicle:

Whilst Parking

  • Please ensure that the vehicle is locked and all the doors, windows and openings are securely closed.
  • If you have the slightest doubt that your vehicle is vulnerable to damage in the present location, please park the vehicle in an alternative place.
  • Avoid parking in low lying areas, such as basements, under a tree, transformers or a hoarding.
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to heavy rain / inundation, never attempt to start the vehicle or switch on any electrical installations.
  • Avoid being seated inside the vehicle with the Air Conditioner “ON” for a longer period of time when you notice the increase in water level.

Whilst on the move/ driving

  • Try to drive in the middle lane keeping care to avoid the extreme left.
  • Avoid high speeds and maintain a consistent distance between the ongoing traffic.
  • Following the track of the car ahead of you is advisable as your tyres will need to disperse less water since the car in front will have created a relatively dry path.
  • Do not follow large buses or trucks too closely. The spray from the wheels will block vision.
    Change your wiping blade, if necessary.
  • Avoid driving through waterlogged areas where it is difficult to judge the water level.
  • If constrained to drive through a waterlogged area, never raise the acceleration.
  • Never drive through water if it is difficult to surmise the depth.
  • Take care to drive slowly through flooded roads. If it is deeper than the bottom of your doors, turn back.
  • Dry your feet before entering the car. Wet feet can slip off pedals, which is very dangerous.
  • Keep the windscreen washer fluid topped up and on a long journey remember to carry some extra in the boot too.
  • Avoid using central locking during the monsoon as short-circuiting may jam the locking system.
  • If the engine stops due to any reason, never attempt to start again and arrange to tow the vehicle.

In the event of loss or damage or suspicion of a loss or damage:

  • Do not attempt to start the vehicle.
  • Do not hand over the vehicle to any unauthorised individual for repairing / cleaning.

Don’t forget to ensure that your insurance policy is renewed and updated so that in the  event of damage to the vehicle, your loss will be covered.

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